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Dr Phillip DeamOsteopath


Phillip prides himself on being a well- rounded, family based Osteopath who enjoys a challenging presentation. He is a firm believer in patient awareness, this means that when you leave Phil’s treatment room, you will not only have a firm understanding of why you’re in pain, but the strategies that will be implemented to help over-come them. In being a firm believer in patient education, he gives specific diagnosis and realistic prognosis for this conditions.

Phillip is a believer is searching for core issues rather than just treating symptomatic pain & draws on his past experiences as well as current scientific literature to construct not only a treatment program but a positive and educational experience for you.

Phillip has a wide variety of treatment styles that he can use during treatments. This can vary from general soft tissue to the more rigorous joint manipulations and everything in between. He is also well versed in Dry Needle Therapy as well as the more advanced Electro-Dry Needle Therapy. With a previous working history as a personal trainer, Phil will gradually incorporate appropriate and specific stretches & exercises into his treatment plans. He uses these to promote self-management strategies and to help get you actively involved in managing your health.