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B. Clin. Sc. M. Ost. Med.

Treatment Approach

When examining and treating your body, Ty draws on techniques recommended by the founders of the profession and takes the view that the body has an optimal structure that it should have to gain the best from it.

Much like an architect is trying to achieve the best structure for a building to be as strong as it can be and withstand all it needs to. “Once optimal body structure is achieved” says Ty, “function is at it’s optimum, so I choose techniques to apply to my patients that will acheive this in the shortest possible time”. Such techniques include spinal manipulation, massage, mobilisation and stretching.

Ty also utilises exercise prescription to maximise results for the long-term which is great for people who want to manage their pain themselves.

Ty enjoys taking time to understand why and how your body is the way it is and how the holistic principles of osteopathy can help you. He has had tutelage from some of the best in the profession, having spent time with many different practitioners around Australia which has exposed him to a vast number of treatment approaches which he draws upon in addressing the specific needs of his patients.

Away from Osteopathy, Ty is a keen surfer, has travelled extensively and enjoys the great outdoors. He’s passionate about cooking nutritious food and values spending quality time with family and friends.