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B HealthSc / B AppSc (Osteo)

Dr Caitlin graduated from RMIT University with a double degree in Health science and applied science (Osteopathy) and has gained a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and spinal mobility conditions.

Caitlin’s love of osteopathy began when a team of osteopaths helped her recover from a series of netball and hiking injuries, enabling her to quickly return to sport. This gave her a wonderful insight into how osteopaths treat and the effective role that they can play in the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries.

While she has experience in and enjoys treating people from all walks of life, Caitlin particularly enjoys treating athletes and those with chronic conditions such as lower back pain, headaches and migraine. Her treatments are tailored to suit each individual patient and typically include a range of osteopathic techniques such as specific soft tissue release, myofascial release, stretching, mobilisation and joint manipulation (joint clicking).

Caitlin is also passionate about educating her patients and ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to ensure long term results. This often means working with patients to come up with a rehabilitation program to follow at home. Since discovering the importance of exercise when dealing with chronic pain in her own life, Caitlin also firmly believes in encouraging patients to get up and keep moving to maintain good health.

When she’s not treating, you’ll find Caitlin relaxing with friends, cooking, reading or walking her dog along the Brisbane river.

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