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Following his interests in health and wellbeing, a change of career led Leo to Study Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne. He is now available at Bodywise Osteopathy, Stones Corner for osteopathic consultations on Saturdays.

With many years experience in the corporate and office environment, Leo is well placed to understand the many physical stressors most patients experience in office based work and can provide realistic advise for improvement. His strong interest in efficient human movement gained from years as a Pilates instructor and study of biomechanics at University means he is well placed to provide advice to clients regarding sport, exercise, work and household tasks.

A treatment plan with Leo will address musculoskeletal imbalances and reduce your discomfort with joint manipulations, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue techniques and exercise prescription. He aims to help you have a better understanding of the nature of your condition, how to best manage it and what you can do to improve your own state of health.

Using the philosphies of Osteopathy and Pilates, Leo helps patients to return their bodies to it’s natural state of health and achieve their health and wellbeing goals. He is interested in helping clients move more efficiently, improve their posture and get back to as many things they could do before their injury or illness.

As a Brissie boy returning to the Sunshine State, when not in the clinic Leo is busy reacquainting himself with his old home town.