Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain treatment is the primary area that Brisbane Osteopath, Dr Anthony Collins, specialises in.  His post-graduate research studied the effects of spinal manipulation on neck mobility, something that he found was greatly diminished in people suffering neck pain.  Dr Collins found that through the use of gentle manipulation and release of strategic muscles in spasm, neck mobility and pain levels can be significantly reduced.

If you’re worried about your neck pain treatment and feel like it is preventing you from leading the life you want, which for most of us is to be free of pain, then you would be well advised to seek professional osteopathic treatment.

Dr Anthony Collins and Our team of internationally experienced osteopaths can take care of your neck pain treatment requirments and help give you the pain-free life you want sooner.  Have a read of the features of neck pain below- knowledge is your first defence!

Neck Pain

If you really want to know how your neck feels go find a bowling ball and sit it on top of an upturned packet of Tim Tams. That’s pretty much how your neck bones, all 7 of them, feel on a regular basis. C1 is the first neck bone in contact with the skull is known as “The Atlas”, and if you’re familiar with Greek Mythology then you know why. Everyone else- google it!

The human head is a remarkably large object relative to the small structures that support it. In fact, the weight of the human head is around 6kg, so I’m sure you can clearly see why most of us feel tense and occasionally sore in the neck, not to mention the upper shoulder muscles- which run into the neck. In all my days I’ve never been asked to stop rubbing someone’s shoulders- now you can see why. Read More