Osteopaths Brisbane Greenslopes

In Pain? Live in Greenslopes? Need an Osteopath?

You need an Osteopath Greenslopes right?  Bodywise Osteopathy Brisbane is a great option. According to Google Maps our clinic in Tarragindi is 2.8km or 7 minutes drive away! With free Off-Street no hassle parking it’s an attractive drama-free option.

Did you know Bodywise Osteopaths Brisbane offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of your treatment, giving you peace-of-mind.

We have a number of very experienced osteopathswith international experience and a range of other alternative medicine options to suit your needs such as acupuncture, massage, podiatry and chiropractic. Your body is very important- so feel assured you are in very safe, experienced and well-trained hands.

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Aging and its Effects on Pelvis Bones; How to Limit its Impact and Potential Implications for sufferers of Pelvic & Low back pain

There’s no escaping a bigger butt as you age…

Are you getting a wider butt as you get older? Do you often look in the mirror while wearing your favourite jeans and think that the old hips are a little “fuller” than they used to be in your twenties? Then you’re probably right; but if you assumed it was due to the accumulation of fat on the hips, then you’re only partially correct.

Sure, as we get older it’s only natural to sneak on a few extra pounds in the middle-years, usually depositing mostly where we least want it; hips, thighs and butts for girls and the old “Ned Kelly” for the gents. Nature and time can be so unkind!  However recent research published in the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine has found that pelvic bones widen as you enter middle age and continue to grow even among those over the age of 70 years!

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7 Tips for Low Back Pain

If you’re experiencing your first really bad backache, you’re probably panicking a little about the pain and its implications — what if it’s cancer? What if it never goes away? If it feels this bad at the age of 30, what will it be like when I’m 60?!

My first piece of advice is, take a deep breath and relax.  Low back pain is very common. About 80% of Australian adults will miss work at some point because of it. And most of the time, it’s neither permanent nor serious: 95% of backaches go away within six weeks, with no specific treatment, and potentially much faster if you seek treatment, advice and management strategies from an expert in the field of manual medicine.  Following are 7 essential things to know about dealing with a bad back…

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